Circuit Training

Challenge yourself with our  Circuit Training System. Our state of the art system will test you physically and mentally. 

Our Circuit Classes are structured through proven timed interval work periods and rest periods to make sure you burn the most calories possible in a safe and effective way. Starting May 1 we will be putting our 7 Phase System in our classes where you will  be tested through each phase. To pass a phase you need to get through the class without resting.

For Example we set the clock for 12-16 Stations with anywhere from :30-:60 seconds of work and :15-:20 of rest. If you finish the class without resting you pass the phase and move on to the next one.


Circuit Training

Personal Training

                                                        Our State of the art Personal Training Program is tailored to you and your health goals. Our program starts with fitness assessments including a postural assessment so our trainers can see if you have any tight muscles that need to be lengthened or weak muscles that need to be strengthened. Next we move to a goal assessment to see how long it will take you to get to your specific goals. After we have all of your information we can then start you on our Phase 1 Level workout.

Our phases consist of timed intervals with a specific amount of exercises. Once you pass your Phase 1 Level test you will then move to Phase 1 Level 2 test. We have 7 Phases all together, once you pass these tests and follow our nutrition program we will guarantee you will get the results you were looking for.

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Phase 1 Workout  or Class.

Core  Fitness has been providing the South Bay with the most innovative and effective Personal Training and Circuit Training since 1999.

Our personal training program is run with our brand new 7 Phase System.  

Over the last 8 years our team of trainers have developed this training system guaranteed to get you to your fitness goals without hitting a plateau. Everyone starts at Phase 1 - Level 1; if you can get through the workout without resting you will move to Phase 1, Level 2. There are 3-4 levels in each phase. With this program and our easy to follow nutrition program, we guarantee you results in a fun and challenging way. We will be integrating our 7 Phase System to our circuit training program May 1st. 

Circuit Training For    Teachers

Core Fitness offers after school programs for teachers in the area to work off some stress after the school day is over. Come join the rest of the teachers on Wednesdays at 4pm.

Coming May 1st:


Youth Classes starting soon.